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Otto Baum Company, Inc. provides professional concrete construction services across central Illinois.  From complex, large-scale foundations to simple, small-scale flatwork, our experienced team is equipped to handle your project.  From concept to completion, OBCI’s concrete team understands all aspects of concrete construction.  We are knowledgeable in reinforcing requirements, materials used, efficient placement techniques, and required strengths to support each structure.  We construct concrete foundations, flatwork for floors at grade and elevated decks, and site concrete, including parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and approaches.


At OBCI, we understand that your building is in the public eye, and likely located within a community OBCI owners and employees live.  That’s why we strive to put out the best work possible.  Concrete is a proven construction material that is durable and stable enough to withstand heavy traffic.  Your organization can benefit greatly from OBCI’s professional concrete repair and paving services.  Advantages of using concrete include aesthetic appeal, easy cleaning and maintenance, and better value compared with asphalt due to increased product longevity.  


American Concrete Institute

We are also associated with the American Concrete Institute, a leading concrete industry resource that continuously gives us access to valuable information for specifications, tolerances and employee training and development.  We use this resource, among others, to stay updated on the latest trends to ensure the highest quality product for our customers.  OBCI has acquired extensive experience through over 80 years of serving our central Illinois communities.  Contact the professionals at OBCI today!


We also offer masonry, civil construction, and restoration services!

Detailed Information About This Service

Concrete construction services we perform include:

  • Concrete formwork—vertical & horizontal
  • Building concrete foundations—complete
  • Industrial foundations & structures
  • Concrete flatwork—slabs on grade & elevated
  • Site concrete—sidewalks, curbs, pavement
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Concrete pumping services


"Todd Johnson was an extremely professional and quality oriented individual. It was a pleasure to work with your company. Hope to have the experience again."
Brad Boring, Weddle Bros. Construction Companies

Our process and service Area

The focus of our operations ranges throughout central Illinois and the Quad Cities in Iowa.

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