OSF Proton Therapy Vault

Peoria, IL

The vault is unique for several reasons.  The walls are six feet thick and poured with an especially dense concrete mix to contain the radiation!  Heat is a major concern when pouring concrete of this magnitude.  Special sensors are placed in every pour to monitor the temperature of the concrete as it cures closely.  This structure has over 4,800 cubic yards of concrete and 380,000 lbs. of rebar!
This project provided a unique opportunity for OBCI to partner with an experienced PTV contractor, Tarlton Corp, to help bring specialized cancer care to central IL.  The equipment located in this vault is highly sensitive, making concrete placement tolerances exact.  Despite challenges, OBCI’s relationship with Tarlton and PointCORE remains solid.  The OBCI Concrete team is excited because the PTV has been a tremendous learning opportunity for many young tradesmen honing their skills in Peoria.  OBCI is proud to be part of this great project.  Our special thanks go to Mitch Green (EST/PM), Tim Gashaw (GS), and Jerod Classen (Foreman) for managing this project, anticipating an end-of-March completion for OBCI’s scope of work.

OSF Proton Therapy Vault
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